About Creative Careers Solutions

Creative Careers Solutions can help take the stress out of career planning for you and your family!
We assist you with your current career needs, and clarify a path forward with you defined and manageable steps.

Second Level

  • Advises Second Level students on the range of options available to them in Further and Third level education, both here and abroad.
  • Guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind for those who are unsure whether a course is the right one for them or not.

Third Level

  • Provides solutions for Third level students caught between completing a course they are unhappy with, or opting to take time out to consider their options.
  • Works with Third Level graduates to develop a clear, practical. And successful career path incorporating further study or enhancing professional development.

Career Change

  • For individuals returning to the workplace, careersconsult addresses many issues systematically promoting self- esteem , self-direction and self-confidence
  • Consultations involve skill set clarification and addresses gaps in the workplace.

About Connie


With an extensive background in Career Guidance at second level and more recently as a Career Advisor at Third level, Connie holds a Masters in Guidance and Counselling from DCU. She has extensive training in Personal Development and is qualified in range of psychometric tools including Myer’s Briggs (MBTI). Strong (SII), StrengthsFinder, LifeKeys (Spiritual Gifts), BeInterviewReady Career Fit, 360Reach Personal Branding, Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0) and more.

As a self-taught Digital Immigrant Connie Kelly is well positioned to clearly explain the variety of routes available to CAO applicants who are interested in such courses.
Being up to date with many social media practices and interventions. She can provide suitably informed and detailed information on the extensive career options currently available in the world of Social Media Marketing.

Through Careersconsult she provides a comprehensive service in Career Planning for second and third level students, and delivers Career Development and enhancement of Skills on request.  In addition to working with individuals she is available to work in a number of settings including Schools, Universities, Corporate and SMEs.