Career Change


Are you considering a career change?

Do you want to develop and progress your career further?

You may want to change your job to find a more satisfying or meaningful one. Most people now will change jobs or careers a number of times in their working life for many different reasons. You may be considering how to further develop your career.

You can plan change and development of your career by:

  • Understanding what your talents and competencies are
  • Having clear occupational goals
  • Having a good CV and professional social media presence
  • Being effective at selling yourself
  • Maintaining confidence, self-esteem and a positive approach

Careersconsult provides Guidence in


  • Understanding rofessional Psychomentric assessments to help identify and clarify your aptitudes, competencies, personality and intelligence type
  • Identification of career interests and setting of  clearly defined goals for Career progression.
  • Drafting a Professional CV.
  • Developing a well constructed  Linked in profile.
  • Exploration of  potential employment opportunities or further training opportunities
  • Developing  self -care tools  for developing  confidence and maintaining a positive approach

Professional CV Preparation

A targeted, professionally prepared and drafted CV could be all that stands between you and that job.
Outsourcing CV and interview preparation can deliver its weight in gold if it gets you that much desired, pay rise, job stability or ‘foot in the door’.
Career Coaching comes in many formats.  However taking the time to complete the process with a fully trained Career Advisor will help you develop and clarify your strengths and address your challenges as you prepare for the interview.

The interview process has changed and refreshing your skills can only improve your outcomes.

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