Career planning begins at Second Level


Choosing subjects that suits one’s strengths and interests are a vital part of decision making at second level. Catching students at the beginning of this vital process can have a significant role in easing the decision making process particularly as they prepare for the Leaving Certificate year.

Why Creative Career Solutions?

By using a personally developed unique system of Career Assessments, Careersconsult focuses on clarifying individual strengths  and assisting clients to have a more informed understanding  of their unique abilities and attributes.  Many of these skills get overlooked on the way to the Leaving Certificate.

An appointment with Careersconsult provides the time for each student to gain a clearer picture of their unique learning and motivational style and adds to their skill set as they prepare for third level.

Consultations for Second Level consists of:

  • Exploration of learning Strengths and Challenges
  • Subject Selection for the Leaving Certificate
  • Information on  Third Level courses
  • Exploration of future career choices and work environments
  • Discussion of CAO choices and options, including restricted entry course
  • Studying Abroad including UCAS & International applications
  • Access to Scholarships or Bursaries which may be of relevance