Consultation Format

How does Careersconsult work with you?

Every client receives a pre-consultation questionnaire, requesting preliminary information about subject and course choices. For those already in employment previous work and educational experience and an up to date CV if available.

Second Level Students

In the case of second level students a Careers consult Guidance consultation provides value in ascertaining the right career path for you based on ones interests, abilities, and potentiality.

  1. Detailed and comprehensive assessment of their academic abilities are taken into consideration together with their most recent second level aptitude results.
  2. Researching and identifying routes to courses of study will be undertaken on a shared capacity with the capacity to stay connected via the REACH portal on
  3. A consultation takes place over two sessions where testing if required is conducted during the first phase.

Consultation Process

If the focus of the consultation is on ‘working through the guidance process’ there are two sessions.

The first is exploratory. It involves a lot of questions and some testing.

A subsequent session is composed of analysing the results and giving feedback. The process takes about 3-4 hours (not without a coffee break!). After the final consultation, you will receive a very comprehensive report.

Comprehensive Report

After a consultation you will receive a comprehensive report which will also provide any relevant information for pursuing a work or study area (both at home and further afield).
Where there is testing the report will outline the results of any testing. All reports and results are confidential to the client.

The report will be clear and understandable with links to websites that you will find immediately useful