Tips & Advice


Life skills worth developing

Developing good study habits helps you to: 

  1. Take responsibility for the learning process
  2.  Set practical goals
  3. Be aware of performance and progress
  4. Use time wisely
  5. Understand and retain content

Students with good study habits achieve better grades and are more successful in their classes.
Take the time to organise your learning for a more effective outcome. This will stand to you on many occasions into the future.

Communication & Customer Service Skills

Find opportunities outside of school to develop connections in the community either by working or volunteering in order to develop the essential art of getting along with people other than your peers.
Think outside the box!
You are never too young to Network!

Professional CV Writing – The Benefits

  • Saves you time….time which you can focus on interview preparation, company research and upgrading your knowledge levels, such as online study, short courses, etc.
  • Reduces the risk that your CV will be inadequate and which may not get noticed
  • A Professional CV Writing company can tailor your CV to match the requirements of the job
  • You can use your time effectively to attend career events, job fairs, networking and also initial meetings with recruitment agencies
  • You can use your time to organise your job search
  • Design and Draft your ‘Reason for Leaving’ statement
  • Develop your job search action plan

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